Short of the Day #107

Beatiful Losers.

No Dia Mundial da Poesia, POEN: a animação de Josef Reeve e a voz de Leonard Cohen, numa poética prosa adaptada da sua própria pena.

My mind seems to go out on a path the width of a thread and of endless length,
a thread that is the same colour as the night.
Out, out along the narrow highway sails my mind,
driven by curiosity,
luminous with acceptance,
far and out,
like a feathered hook whipped deep into the light above the stream by a
magnificent cast
Somewhere, out of my reach, my control, the hook unbends into a spear,
the spear sheers itself into a needle,
and the needle sews the world together.

  • . Ficha Técnica:
RealizaçãoJosef Reeve
ProduçãoTom Daly
ArgumentoLeonard Cohen