Meshes of the Afternoon #7

Quentin Tarantino sentou-se à conversa no podcast de Bret Easton Ellis, e o saldo é um animado debate sobre Cinema vs. Televisão, os méritos do filme norte-americano dos anos 70 (com O EXORCISTA em plano de relevo), o elogio a Brian De Palma e Jean-Luc Godard, o método de produção de Harvey Weinstein, entre muitos outros temas. Alguns destaques:

Bret Easton Ellis: "What captivates you about The Hateful Eight is in his believe in the bigness of movies. How can we maximize the screen while delivering a masterclass in film technique? There is more visual poetry in any 20 minutes of The Hateful Eight than there is in entire seasons of popular TV shows. But only if that matters to you... For millions of people now, it really doesn't."

Quentin Tarantino (QT): "If you're gonna go see the 70mm version [na versão roadshow de The Hateful Eight], you're mine! That's like go seeing La Bohème at La Scala. You're going to see Lee J. Cobb on Broadway doing Iceman Cometh!"

QT: "I never understood the concept of screenplay just being a blueprint for the movie. I do write them like novels."

QT: "The movies of your youth are what you look to, that's when you felt in love with the movies. And those were the times you're the purest watching movies. So, making a movie for that version of you, now that you're older, is a very tempting thing to do and mixed with your own version of movie love."

QT: "I would not have had the career or the trajectory I have, if I didn't have Harvey Weinstein as a supporter. During the 90's, when Miramax was just so the place to be, I met directors in the film festival circuit, or friends of mine who were going to make a movie or they just made the movie, and they were always kind of like 'hey, you think you can hook me up at Miramax? Show my movie there? Bring me into the fold?' And I'll tell them all the exact same thing, 'yeah!, I'll be happy to do that', but here's the deal about Miramax: if everybody at Miramax liked your movie, but Harvey find it boring, you'd be better some place else."